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When in doubt, focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses.

A reader asked me: “I’ve been a job jopper since ten years ago after graduation from college. Now that I’m moving again, I’m worried that my prospective employer take my hopping record as a negative factor.” Here’s my answer to Leap Frogging.


If you think seniority is right, then you’re perfectly wrong.

Toyota, a major Japanese company (like other Japan-based companies) known for its lifetime employment and seniority system is finally changing its management system. Check this link by Nikkei Asian Review

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A nice person is someone who has no opinion on who is right or wrong. In other words, he is dishonest and indecisive.

If you are silent about something or no opinion about anything, then what does it mean? Here’s an interesting article on “Why You Should Stop Caring About Being Nice” to people.

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Asking dumb questions is better than giving dumb answers.

Jeff, an 8-year old boy ran into the living room where his parents were watching TV. “Dad, where did I come from?”

The boy’s mother cleared her throat and excused herself to let the father answer this long-feared question. The father cleared his throat and went through a long-winded and careful explanation of how children are born.

When he was finally through, the little boy commented: “That’s OK Dad; but my friend Jenny down the neighborhood store says she comes from Cebu, and I just wanted to know where I came from.”

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Reflection is the first active step to know there’s a problem.

One morning on a street corner, there’s a small boy holding a mirror in his hand, reflecting the light of the sun toward a house and centering the bright spot on one of the windows. “What are you doing?” asked a passerby.

“My brother is sick in that house,” said the little boy, and “since the sun never enters his room, I was trying to reflect a little of it in there with this mirror.”

Do you have a regular reflection time? And how are you doing with your reflection time?


If you think there’s no problem, then you’re part of the problem.

This Elbonomics is a derivative of Taiichi Ohno’s “no problem is a problem.” If you and your people are wont to say there’s no problem, then you don’t know the letter and spirit behind kaizen (continuous improvement). If you don’t know it yet, kaizen is a solution looking for problems to solve.