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When in doubt, focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses.

A reader asked me: “I’ve been a job jopper since ten years ago after graduation from college. Now that I’m moving again, I’m worried that my prospective employer take my hopping record as a negative factor.” Here’s my answer to Leap Frogging.

Business Management

Asking dumb questions is better than giving dumb answers.

Jeff, an 8-year old boy ran into the living room where his parents were watching TV. “Dad, where did I come from?”

The boy’s mother cleared her throat and excused herself to let the father answer this long-feared question. The father cleared his throat and went through a long-winded and careful explanation of how children are born.

When he was finally through, the little boy commented: “That’s OK Dad; but my friend Jenny down the neighborhood store says she comes from Cebu, and I just wanted to know where I came from.”

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Reflection is the first active step to know there’s a problem.

One morning on a street corner, there’s a small boy holding a mirror in his hand, reflecting the light of the sun toward a house and centering the bright spot on one of the windows. “What are you doing?” asked a passerby.

“My brother is sick in that house,” said the little boy, and “since the sun never enters his room, I was trying to reflect a little of it in there with this mirror.”

Do you have a regular reflection time? And how are you doing with your reflection time?